How about a “I seriously dislike snow” post?

Okay, for reals, though today has been a rough one. I locked my keys in my car at Costco, in a blizzard, with a very tired toddler.

I realized after I had my cart full and paid for.

Thankfully though, there are still good people in this world!

I ran into a friend, she asked her husband to drive me and my kiddo to our house to grab the spare key where my husband was with the 2 other kiddos. There are no car seats in his car, so he could not help at all.

A Mom let her husband take someone home and stayed at Costco with three kids on her own. This. This is what made my day stay out of the really terrible zone. This. It saved me 2 hours of eating costco pizza and walking around with an over tired toddler. Thank You Amber (and Chase) you both have no idea how much you really did for me!

So that cheerios song you all love, good goes around (you’re welcome) … here is some good going around, 50% off birth photography – must be paid in full, for the remainder of the week!

Pay Here

**This link is for the basic package only**

Questions? Contact me here!

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