Hillary Folkvord


“…In our family we always say, Montana is America’s favorite small town, where everyone knows everyone.”

Momtreprenuer extraordinaire – but really … check her website out!


As I write this, I am working from the cafe she opened with her sister alongside their boutique motel (click)

I hope that you can follow along over the next 6 months, Motherhood and working life look different for so many, but the struggle is still there. Hoping to be able to open this up as a way to see someone who, as she said in our first photo session, “takes fun pictures for a living, but actually DOES have to work.”


I began by asking all of the Mom’s of Part I Motherhood:MT the same few questions:

1. What are your 5 biggest roles in life, this can be work life, home life, whatever.
2. What is one thing you wish you could tell the world?
3. How has motherhood changed you?

Here is what she had to say…

1. Mother, wife, entrepreneur, creative, advocate, entertaining expert
2. Don’t trade in your authenticity for approval; your authentic self is your best self.
3. Motherhood has made me more sympathetic and compassionate. It has made me a better boss, as I can relate to my team members who are working moms.
I am Montana made through and through. I come from a third generation farming family in Montana. The roots are deep and I love this state. I love the community we have in Montana. In our family we always say, Montana is America’s favorite small town, where everyone knows everyone. The opportunities are endless and the space for entrepreneurs is one of the best in the nation. I love raising my daughter in a place that (is) beautiful and pristine. 



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