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This will be the home for Fitted & Functional Babywearing, a service for parents in Bozeman and surrounding areas to assist in fitting baby carriers properly and purposefully.

I believe there are different carriers for different activities. Some of them are more fitted, some are quicker to use, and some are so simple it is a long piece of fabric (a woven or stretchy wrap). All of these carriers can be used for various things but if you are wanting to get the dishes done, or go for a walk, or wear your baby in the grocery store, there are so many different options for you.

Please feel free to send me a text message if you are in the area and have had a baby recently, I can make house calls ($10) and will fit your carrier specifically to you. I also invite you to attend a new parents group with Our Yoga on Main St. in Bozeman (select Friday Mornings).

You should be able to safely wear your baby, hands free, and feel confident in what you are doing. A few things to keep in mind:

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Can’t wait to hear from you, remember, you got this!



406-451-6054 (text please)

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