Mom of 3, wife of 1 and dreamer of all the fun ideas! I have loved photography from a young age and after having my own children I have come to find enjoyment in both looking at and taking lifestyle photos. There is just something about seeing another persons lifestyle and finding this smile on my face because they too are human. It’s real. I love the REAL.

I am a people person, as my husband say’s, I could literally talk to anyone about anything. One of my biggest passions is documenting births through photos, and not just the birth itself but the entire journey of pregnancy and well into the postpartum period. That time in your life where you feel like most days are a struggle yet somehow you do it. It is a time for me where I felt like a super hero and a hot mess all at once, but if I had photos of me nursing and cooking and drinking a glass of wine, I would totally show that off, because THAT was me at that time. I want woman to celebrate this time and share their experiences… to see more on this check out Bozeman Birth Photo.

I try to live my life like an open book because, if I expect clients to invite me into their homes and into the most private times in their lives, I want them to know me and all that I am. I post daily photos of my life and all the shenanigans we get into here.

My husband and I both were born and raised in Bozeman and we hope to never leave this area! We can be found outdoors, in the mountains or out at the Madison most of the summer and love, love, love that the valley is growing! Coffee dates, play dates, and due dates are my thing, so let’s get together!



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