“I could not have birth photography because I had a c-section…”

This is so often the case, you are denied something because you have to have a cesarean rather than vaginal birth. This is birth, this is YOUR birth.

I am actively seeking c-section births throughout Montana to help me in normalizing this to the medical community. I am looking to find clients willing to push for birth photography during their cesarean. When a doctor sees me asking, they see someone looking to make a dollar, when they have their client/patient asking about it and actively telling them this is something that is important to them, they are willing to at least have the conversation about it.

Cesarean births are births, you just have to be in a much more sterile and controlled environment. I do firmly believe that a medical professional assumes that, as a photographer I have no knowledge of medical environments. However, just as being a surgeon is their job, being a lifestyle photographer is mine. I am fully aware of my surroundings and understand that I will likely be given a very specific set of rules and boundaries.

I have taken a Bloodborne Pathogens Training  and have been in dozens of labor and delivery rooms, I am respectful of hospital staff and family members, I have contracts and protocol I follow with my birth clients and would gladly share the plans with the surgeon and anesthesiologist. In addition to all of this I would be happy to provide a list of reliable references who have been with me while working in a birth setting.

“While I was in the recovery room I wondered what my baby looked like, smelled like, felt like.  I wondered what the nurses and doctors were doing with my newborn child?  I wondered why everything was taking so long?…”  – Jenna Nord

There are amazing images to add to your birth story coming from cesarean births and currently a Montana Photographer, Jenna Nord,  has captured some incredible images at St. James in Butte, MT.

Talk to your doctor, tell them your thoughts, even if birth photography in the operating room is not for you, talk to your doctor, they might just listen to the next person who brings it up!

I encourage you to talk to your doctor, and if you are interested in having your planned cesarean photographed, please contact me hello@mikaeladibphoto.com , let me know your due date as well as where you are birthing.

Currently accepting applications for PLANNED CESAREAN model calls in Helena, Livingston, Butte, Great Falls, Lewistown, Billings and Bozeman. Apply here today!


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