So every once in a great while I try to sneak a bath (by myself) with kids awake… I know right, who am I kidding!

We have about the worlds SMALLEST bathtub, we live in an older downtown house and the tub is more than dated at this point, but its a tub and sometimes I consider jumping in the dish water in the sink just because the kids are in bed and the warm bubbles look so inviting. But its a sink. I would probably break it!

The first kiddo jumped in, actually she was handed to me by Dad. It was Pia, the baby of the family, she needed a good bath and she isn’t too big…

This fantastic idea popped into my head, “babe, grab my camera! I would love some bath pics with Pia!”

He looked at me like I asked for a crack pipe or something…

Hubby: “But you’re naked”…

Me: “Yeah squat right over there and you won’t see my boobies!” …

Hubs: “Ok, fine”

Well here is what I could post on the internet and not feel totally shameful.


Of course I notice the rolls first and the terrible back posture…

…but then I notice my real smile when the baby takes my glasses off my face…


…and the fact that despite my best efforts to get Miela (the threenager) out of the shot, she still just pops her little bum right in there.


This is life. This is MY life.

I could have locked this up in a file on my hard drive and never looked at it again. But I didn’t. I embraced this time. This time in our lives where we so badly want to fit in, but also have kids and jobs and chores and, well, a life to live.

Link to the lifestyle photo special going on throughout February…. This is me, what does your lifestyle look like ?!



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