Documenting the REAL life…


It is times at home where I look around and feel so lucky to have this life. I wish I had all the time in the world to document it and share it with the world.

I have been trying to narrow down why I love Birth photography so much and it occurred to me that I love the realness, the raw, the truth. It is as if all these books be read or blogs we follow have these perfect lives and births and so on. As a photographer I can see the planning a mile away. I do love the art in portrait photography and the skill in photoshop that these photographers have is incredible. I am going for a different feel. A “feel all the feels” kind of photo. One that screams this is real life!

Sometimes life is NOT this “picture” perfect time. I want to be able to show that this is okay, this is YOUR life, the only one you have – cherish it. I loved the perspective of birth photography and then the fresh 48 and lifestyle newborn sessions so much  that I would find myself so excited about them for days (even weeks) before hand. I knew this was what I wanted to offer to people. I wanted to celebrate the realness of life, the times when we may not feel so photogenic, but kind of really want some good photos to look back on. I wanted to be THAT photographer.


When I look at the photos I take in other peoples homes, I realize I love the love they have as a family. I love it that I can look around and see it everywhere. I see it in the coffee cup on the counter and the toddler with one missing sock, I see it in the shoes by the front door and the dog standing guard. I see the REAL and I love it.


To finally get things switched over feels amazing and feels like I can start to work on some other big projects in the Birth world. Story telling through images seems so natural, as children we look at picture books we can see this story and have no words to fill it. This is what I want to do, I want to tell your stories through photography so that you have this story with no words, just feelings you get from the glance back in time. That lovie that you have saved countless times is something that should be in your story, after all that lovie probably has a lifetime of tales all on its own (think of the movie that would be?!).


If you are ready to book your lifestyle session, I am ready to tell it for you! I am so excited to be offering this service and hope that you agree that this is REAL life and it is wonderful.

Thank you for supporting me in this change, it has been long hours and a lot of self doubt, but here I am and I am so ready to pursue this change!

NOTE TO SELF… be the real you, start with doing what you love!

Photobombed by the baby – trying to get some self portraits!


(Photo Credit Gianna DiBerardinis)

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